Apply for Assistance / Reporting / Disclaimer

A) Assistance

B) Reporting

C) Disclaimer

A) Assistance

In assessing for financial assistance, the Trustee gives preference to proposals which seek to establish a special niche in disciplines that will be of particular benefit to South Australia.

Research projects having clearly identifiable potential for worldwide commercial application will also be favourably regarded.

Preference will be given to South Australians carrying out research in South Australia or elsewhere. However, other persons involved in research in South Australia may also be eligible for consideration.

Undergraduate scholarships may be awarded to enable eligible South Australians to undertake relevant studies at approved centres in South Australia or elsewhere.

Persons or organizations wishing to apply for assistance from the Fund should:-

  • Contact the Secretary, The Sir Ross and Sir Keith Fund at the following address:-

The Secretary
The Sir Ross & Sir Keith Smith Fund
Australian Executor Trustees
44 Pirie Street

Telephone: (08) 8127 1600
Facsimile:  (08) 8127 1601

  • Forward enquires by email to :-

  • Download an application form on this website, print a copy, complete the details and forward it to the address above.

Application Forms

Applications may be considered in the first week of March, June, September and December and should be submitted at least thirty (30) days prior to the quarterly meetings.

B) Reporting

Research and Development Project

Successful persons or organizations in relation to research and development projects should utilise the following reporting template when preparing progress or final reports for the Secretary, The Sir Ross and Sir Keith Smith Fund. Please make every attempt to keep to this template wherever possible. Reports should be submitted by the successful persons or organizations at least thirty (30) days prior to the quarterly meetings.

Scholarship or Sponsorship

The minimum requirement for successful scholarship or sponsorship applicants is an annual report by 1 November each year to the Secretary, The Sir Ross and Sir Keith Smith Fund.

C) Disclaimer

General Publications from Applicants

The Sir Ross and Sir Keith Smith Fund requires the following clause to be inserted in any paper, article or journal written by an approved applicant including for instance power point presentations.

Acknowledgement and Disclaimer

“Research undertaken for this report has been assisted with a grant from the Sir Ross and Sir Keith Smith Fund (Smith Fund) ( ). The support is acknowledged and greatly appreciated.

The Smith Fund by providing funding for this project does not verify the accuracy of any findings or any representations contained in it. Any reliance on the findings in any written report or information provided to you should be based solely on your own assessment and conclusions.

The Smith fund does not accept any responsibility or liability from any person, company or entity that may have relied on any written report or representations contained in this report if that person, company or entity suffers any loss (financial or otherwise) as a result”.